About Us

Bonavista Real Estate Management was formed in 2011 to offer a new proactive approach in real estate management for owners and investors. We realize that preservation of your asset is of paramount importance and with thirty five years of combined experience we know the importance of planning and attention to detail. We set out to change the status quo by partnering with property owners to professionally and proactively manage their multifamily and mixed-use properties with an emphasis on achieving the owner’s objectives while focusing on NOI.

Our goal is to maximize real estate investment values and drive long-term, stable revenue streams for our owners and investors while maintaining and protecting real estate assets.

Bonavista Real Estate Management is focused on providing exceptional service to owners of multi-family residential and mixed-use properties in the Pacific Northwest. Working together, our goal is to protect and maximize the value of your investments. The relationships we have with the owners and the residents of the properties we manage are our highest priority.

We’re focused on you. We’re dedicated to property owners like you. We understand your challenges and are poised to help guide and implement your decisions.

We adapt to meet your needs. By combining our innovative and efficient operations with the best property management technology, we add value to every area – from rental rate optimization, facilities maintenance and capital projects to accounting and marketing. All customized for you.

We know the Pacific Northwest. We live here. We work here. And we understand what it takes for your property to be successful in this market.

We know you’re busy, so we make it easy. With Bonavista Real Estate Management, you get the peace of mind that comes from proactive management. With careful attention to detail and the right partnerships, we make sure your property attracts and retains great tenants – both residential and commercial. And we customize our solutions for you to create management plans specific to each property – and its owner’s goals.