Bonavista Emergency Maintenance Line: 206-482-0525

What is considered an After-Hours Emergency?

WATER LEAKS – Any water leaks that cannot be contained in a bucket until the next business morning or any water leak that may be causing structural damage. Flooding may happen, even if the source does not start in your home. Before calling the after-hours maintenance number, make sure to move all possessions out of harms way and turn off the water valve to stop to flow of water.

SEWERS – Any major sewer back-ups or non-working toilet in an apartment having only one bathroom

HEAT – No heat when outside temperature is under 50 degrees.

FIRE IN UNIT/BUILDING – Should there be a fire in your home or see a fire happen near the community, call 911 first! Then alert the maintenance department about this issue.

Lock outs are NOT considered an After-Hours Emergency and a locksmith will be called by the resident at cost to the resident. Resident lock outs are only performed during office hours for leaseholders. Light bulbs and batteries are the responsibility of the tenant as well, therefore a beeping smoke alarm does not constitute an After-Hours Emergency.

Please make sure all non-emergency maintenance requests are submitted in writing, preferably through your Resident Portal:

Mobile Resident Portal App links for Smartphones or Tablets:

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